Getting Textbooks

When do students usually buy their textbooks?

Most UC Davis students wait until the first day of lecture to see what exact materials will be required for the class. This is a common strategy, since textbooks are typically not used on the first day of class.

Most students will receive a syllabus prior to the first lecture, which will state what the required textbooks and materials are for the class. However, the syllabus that is provided before the quarter starts is subject to change, and the professor may change the required textbooks and/or not require one at all.

On the first day of class, the professor will explain exactly what students need for the class.

Equitable Access and Digital Textbooks

GSP students are also eligible for the Equitable Access program. This provides textbooks and course materials for all courses for one fee. This program mostly uses digital textbooks, which can be found in the Bookshelf section of the course’s Canvas page. For those courses that require printed textbooks, they can be shipped directly to you or picked up from the Campus Bookstore. For more information, and the cost for the current academic year, please see:

Where can students pick up their textbooks?

The UC Davis Bookstore generally stocks all required textbooks.

There are also other places where students can purchase textbooks: