Academic Life

Getting Textbooks

When do students usually buy their textbooks?

Most UC Davis students wait until the first day of lecture to see what exact materials will be required for the class. This is a common strategy, since textbooks are typically not used on the first day of class.

Most students will receive a syllabus prior to the first lecture, which will state what the required textbooks and materials are for the class. However, the syllabus that is provided before the quarter starts is subject to change, and the professor may change the required textbooks and/or not require one at all.

What is Plagiarism?

An important part of the academic experience in the United States is an awareness and understanding of plagiarism. Different cultures attach different values to the importance of citation, and students should understand the consequences of plagiarism in the United States.

Expected Classroom Behavior

The average day on a university campus is different in every country, and sometimes even in different parts of the same country. Students have various expectations in the classroom, and various behaviors are expected of the students. Some students come from cultures that are very similar to the United States, and they find it easy to acclimate to this teaching style. For others, the classroom expectations in the United States will be unlike anything they’ve previously experienced. Remember that the University Programs staff is always available to help with any questions or concerns.

Need to Talk?

It can be hard to get used to living in California. It’s alright to feel unhappy or unsettled. It might be because you are living in a foreign country far from your friends and family. You might feel drained and tired, or stressed even if you don’t have a lot of homework. You might feel like you’ll never get all the coursework done. Maybe you’ve noticed feelings of loneliness or homesickness, or changes in eating and sleeping habits. Maybe you wanted to find lifelong friends, but your roommate isn’t very friendly.